Best game - Sleepy HD - Get Now!

- A Lovely game for iPad
- An attractive game for Girls
- A Popular gift for your girl friend
- An Affective love for your daughter

The most importance, Sleepy HD is a nice game, with beautiful pictures, sweet music and attractive sounds !
A cute game; it is so lovely in each picture and sound. It should the beloved by boys’ girls and fathers’ daughter.

Sleepy HD is easily to play! We tested girls, aged from 3 to 30, they are all love the game so much, which is our main target, surely, we got it finally .Yeah!
The play rules are simples, Taping the sleeping diamond babies and moving them gently according to the different color tips on the bottom of screen. Be careful, the babies will be annoyed if be waken! You will be in trouble! Careful, Please!

There are 25 levels of difficulty. There are increased two diamond babies with the different background and changed landforms for each gate. The rules are simple and the game is easy ,but the whole playing is happy and wonderful, this is the charming of the game.
Playing with our diamond babies, our love will warm them and the friend around.

Do come ! Diamond babies are waiting for you, we are waiting for you! Enjoy it!

We will update our game in the future to add more contents and playing models, more wonderful game will be provided. Believe us!

The story of Sleepy HD

There are a group of diamond babies in the small place, their favorite is basking in the sun, what the warm and harmony of the nature is!

    When they play all day long, diamond baby will be tried and fall into sleep But the night will be cold with strong wind and heavy rains ,if Diamond Babies stayed outside ,they may be sick. The kind peoples will move them to a safe place. you , the massager of love ,will tip very slightly and move them gently when diamond baby sleeping . that is too easy for you ,but it show our love and great ,Please come ,my dear ,to love our diamond baby!

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Deeply welcomed by everybody’s educational game TEN DROPS finally has the iphone version! And it is free!
TEN DROPS is a very amusing game, whose interface has the extremely sense of reality and vivid sound. And you can set any of drop colors in ten kinds of them. All these advantages can make us feel we are in an entire new world.
TEN DROPS is a simple but amusing game. It’s very easy to operate and has simple rules. Each time play will give us a new feeling. We can call it the top grade in the game.
The game also provides local integral ranking. We can share the game with our friends. My friends, let’s play the game together and expect who can go through more stages and get more scores.

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